E-commerce JavaScript solution that integrates shopping cart with your website

simpleCart(js)simpleCart(js) is a lightweight free and open-source JavaScript shopping cart that provides client-side e-commerce solution for any website. Its main advantage lies in its simplicity: no databases and no programming needed. simpleCart(js) is fast, easy to use, and completely customizable. JavaScript enabled on client side and basic HTML is all you need to run this shopping cart on your website.

simpleCart’s benefits: simple, flexible and customizable

The end-user interface is smooth and easily understandable. With simpleCart(js) products are located in a grid, with thumbnails, product title/explanation and price. Additionally, different options can be added for a product, e.g. different colours or sizes of clothes. By default the cart is usually displayed at the bottom of the page, but it can be relocated. In the cart the buyer can see the already chosen products, change their quantity, or completely empty the cart.

After clicking the Checkout button the buyers will be redirected to PayPal express, Google checkout, or Amazon payments, where they can transfer money to website owner’s account. In future simpleCart(js) developers promise addition of new payment gateways and checkout options. At the moment it also supports a wide range of currencies. As for shipping, this shopping cart has the following features: flat rate, percentage of total cost, per item shipping, quantity rate, custom calculation.

To have your own shopping cart all you need to do is to copy and paste a few lines of Javascript code and put class names on your HTML tags. Creating a product or displaying cart information is as simple as adding new class names to the existing HTML.

simpleCart(js) offers full control over the language, order, content, and styling of displayed items and allows adding CSS styles. You insert all textual information and can choose language of your cart. There is no need to download language packs or do translations, since this cart is completely agnostic. Some important features are: tax rate calculations, unlimited product attributes and completely customizable design. Operating independent of a database, this ecommerce store works fast despite the high traffic.

There is some functionality that simpleCart(js) lacks. For example, it doesn’t handle products and order management. They can be handled by third party, like CMS and applied payment method. The biggest drawback of all JavaScript libraries is security, e.g. hackers can change prices before checkout. This issue can be solved by using security checks.

If you have store with few products and want simple, elegant and manageable e-commerce solution for your website, use simpleCart(js). There is collective.js.simplecart package that will register simpleCart(js) into Plone's resources registry, so that it could be used with Plone CMS.

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