JWPlayer enriches media in Plone

JW Player is the most advanced and robust HTML5/Flash embeddable media player for the web with rich set of features. collective.js.jwplayer integrates JW Player into the Plone CMS.

JW PlayerJW Player is the most advanced HTML5/Flash embeddable media player for the web. It is open-source, cross-platform, plays video and audio files smoothly on all major browsers and has robust mobile support. JW Player supports a wide range of media formats. It is easy to configure, customize and extend.

Media players play essential role for the Internet today. Emergence of HTML5 allowed developers to create simple JavaScript players to accommodate the requirements of web users. But the issue is very complex and depends on different variables like streaming protocols, multiple codecs, captioning requirements, etc. JW Player uses both HTML5 and Adobe Flash to support a wider array of browsers/devices and audio/video formats than it would be possible with one of these technologies. JW Player can automatically choose what to use: HTML5 or Flash, based on the embedded media formats and the browser or device a visitor uses to view the video.

JW Player is fully mature product with a wide range of features that depend on the edition you are using. Among the four available options one is open source and free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license.This core video player has all the main functionality and is watermarked with the JW Player logo. It has default skin with slick and intuitive interface. Basic set of integrated features includes:

  • High Definition
  • RTMP Streaming
  • Playlists
  • Closed Captions
  • JavaScript API
  • Cloud-Hosted JW Player

Additionally, JW Player offers basic analytics and forums support. As the most popular embeddable media player it supports all the major media formats, like MP4, WebM, FLV, HLS, YouTube videos, CDNs, Adobe's Flash Media Server, Wowza, etc. JW Player’s look and feel can be easily customized via skinning, while its existing functionality can be extended using JavaScript API.

JW Player can be integrated into major CMS platforms like Wordpress or Drupal using plugins. collective.js.jwplayer brings JW Player into Plone by registering JWPlayer into Plone resource registries. Due to player’s broad browser and device support, it is great solution for media in the Plone CMS.

JW Player is a free fast, full-featured and easy-to-use media player that supports HTML5/Flash and uses on-the-fly mode selection in order to provide the best user experience on all the popular desktop browsers and mobile devices. Get more information about this media player on jwplayer website. Contact us if you are interested in integrating this product into your Plone website.

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