Backbone.js provides structured approach to web applications

Backbone.JS is an open source and free MVC-paradigm-based JavaScript library that provides structured approach and synchronization among different parts of web app

BackboneYou use JavaScript for your web application? In this case you need strong kernel to hold data and inner elements together. Backbone.js performs this function ideally. There are a lot of applications with different aims, from online payment and rental proposals to mass media (news or magazine sites, web television). They all have multiple screens with peculiar transitions, numerous views and contain several data types. You need to use some additional product outside JavaScript.

Backbone - your solution for organising JavaScript-based apps

Backbone.js recently is growing more popular because of stable functioning and active development. Free and open source technology ensures future of this software. Backbone is aimed at single-page web apps development and at keeping data-rich applications in order and synchronized. It is lightweight framework and depends only on Underscore.js, another JavaScript library. Its design is minimalist, but gives opportunity to detach business logic from user interface.

Main features are: model, view, collection and history

App’s data is represented as Models, that developer can create, destroy, validate, and save to the server. Also Backbone proposes strong coordination and binding between View and Model. With help of View you can see how model is displayed. It will be updating with every change made in Model.

Backbone bases on MVP

Model–view–presenter (MVP) is a part of the model–view–controller (MVC) software and is used mostly for building user interfaces. MVP uses model, view and presenter to control data display and its formatting to engineer design pattern for user interface.

Backbone has a RESTful JSON interface

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is language and platform independent human-readable text-data interchange. This interchange format is self-describing and easy to understand. JSON is used to represent data structures and associative arrays for many languages.

Be creative with Backbone.js

Backbone gives chance at creativity. Though it proposes more structured approach to JavaScript app, this framework is flexible enough to allow developers their own design and building of new patterns.
Among web apps that were created with help of Backbone.js are Airbnb,, Diaspora, DocumentCloud, Flixster, Hulu, LinkedIn Mobile, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Trello, USA,,

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