Quintagroup developed Wagtail-based website featuring open source open data Ukrainian IT projects that help community.


Project Outline

Quintagroup worked on the CodeforUA website that aims at empowering people to make a difference. A small-scale project with a large-scale goal. This portal promotes open source Ukrainian IT projects that help the community, have social or economic importance for the country. Special attention is paid to open data projects since there are data that should be freely available and accessible for everyone to use and reuse without any restrictions.

CodeforUA allows searching for projects based on region or sphere. This website encourages volunteering to take part in projects that matter and have value for the community. Developers can improve their skills by contributing to open source repositories, solving issues, offering their own ideas.

Quintagroup Solution

A well-organized development process and carefully picked technologies allowed us to deliver the solution on a very short deadline.

Building this project from scratch, we created an eye-catching yet user-friendly and responsive design. Further, we chose Wagtail, free and open source Django CMS, as the core of this project. It had a lot of needed features out-of-the-box, so less time had been spent on configuration and customization.

Tech stack applied in this project also includes:

  • Elasticsearch that enabled full-text search on the website;
  • Varnish that took care of the frontend caching;
  • GitHub API that was used to get the following data from Github: repository creation date, license, open issues, contributors list, number of code lines, programming languages and their usage in the project structure;
  • Docker for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment - CI/CD.

Successful outcome

The developed website satisfies all the initial requirements and more:

  • Responsible minimalistic design
  • Bilinguality
  • Project information automatically collected from Github
  • Easy-to-use search and filter
  • Social media sharing
  • User-friendly admin panel

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