Full-blown Python-based auction platform for bidding with four types of auctions - Hybrid Dutch auction, Forward English auction, Reverse English auction, Texas auction.

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Project outline

After gaining the experience of creating ProZorro, Quintagroup dwelled on the idea of the online bidding platform that serves the need of buying and selling online. The platform offers you several solutions to use, such as:

  • 4 auction types
  • auctions management software
  • auction as a service solution (SaaS platform)
  • Auctions API
  • bidding platform
  • custom auctions solutions.

Atreus provides a wide variety of auctions that will meet your individual needs and requirements. Online auctions are presented in the form of the most popular auctions being the ascending English auction, the descending Dutch auction or the reverse English auction. However, now they more and more often appear as a combination of multiple auctions, taking the elements of one auction type and merging them with the others. Here is a brief explanation of each type:

  1. Hybrid Dutch auction. This type of auction is based on the Dutch auction and consists of three stages. Each of the stages is a separate auction type itself: the Dutch auction, Sealed Bid and Best Price auctions.
  2. Forward English auction. The most widely-known auction type is the English auction also known as the forward or ascending auction. The key feature of this auction type is the gradual increase in price for the item (goods or a service) that is put for sale by the auction organizer when the buyers bid in competition to purchase this item.
  3. Reverse English auction. The principle of this auction type is the opposite of the forward English auction.
  4. Texas auction. The bidding here starts with a price announced by the seller and lasts until there remains only one bidder willing to take a lot. This type is well-suited for property lease or art auctions.

API for Marketplaces - SaaS auction platform

Atreus creates an ideal environment for the marketplaces and its users with the opportunities stated below.

  • Marketplaces may run various auction types via API.
  • Being registered in the Atreus platform, users can choose one of four types of auctions, conduct the auction and invite the bidders.

Those four types of online auctions open a wide range of possibilities for government projects, businesses, and non-profit organizations. You can create your own type of auction, or choose one from the list:

  • E-procurement auction
  • Online charity auctions
  • Celebrity auction
  • Tendering auction
  • Liquidation auction
  • NPL sale
  • Art auction
  • Land lease auction
  • Charity auction

Quintagroup solution

The Atreus toolkit has been developed using powerful open-source technologies such as Django, Vue.JS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Vault, and CouchDB. As the core of this project, we chose Wagtail, a free and open-source Django-based content management system.

  1. Django serves as the main web framework written in Python.
  2. Vue.js represents a JavaScript framework that is used for building user interfaces.
  3. CouchDB is used to store data about the auctions and bids.
  4. PostgreSQL stands for a database management system.
  5. Redis, an in-memory data structure store, operates as a caching instrument.
  6. Vault, an access control instrument, protects sensitive data and securely controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates and other confidential information.

You can also connect your apps like Web app, mobile app CMS, CRM with API of Atreus Auction Platform.

What is more, when you need increased system capacity, we can easily involve additional servers with AWS. This feature is of great importance, for instance, in cases of an unusually big number of auctions held within a day, which sheds sufficient load upon the system.

Successful outcome

Quintagroup developers managed to achieve such key features of the Atreus auction software:

  • real-time dynamic bidding and viewing;
  • auction platform is adapted for mobile, tablets, and desktops;
  • solution with proven scalability and reliability that won't let you down;
  • advanced security techniques that guarantee safety of the auctions;
  • SEO and multi-language capabilities;
  • performance and speed required by a high-volume online marketplace.

Quintagroup has 9 years of experience and broad expertise in auction software and API development with various auction types. Contact us to get a consultation or try out the free version of

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