Arkus Inc.

Custom Plone-based website for Arkus, a company focused on cloud computing services for organizations of any size.


Arkus is a company founded in 2010 and concentrated on cloud computing services for organizations of any size. Cloud computing provides a more scalable, maintainable and cost-effective way of using traditional software through the Internet and not on the local computers or server. Arkus has extensive experience in this sphere and delivers enterprise-class tools without the high risk and large upfront costs associated with traditional technology solutions. Arkus uses reliable cloud platforms such as Salesforce and Google to provide efficient project solutions on time and within budget.

First Project Outline

Arkus chose Plone as a basis for a new website and Quintagroup as an experienced provider of web solutions provided such services:

  • Plone-based website building;
  • New Plone Theme creation;
  • Migration of Arkusinc content.

Quintagroup Solution

The new Plone-based website for Arkus was built by our developers from scratch and deployed to production. We migrated the content and adapted it to the Plone website.
Plone Theme was meticulously designed specially to satisfy the Arkus company needs. Quintagroup built a customized template for the carousel on the homepage and provided a display style for image collections. According to clients requirements to change the portlet placement, we used the Content Well Portlets product to change the portlets position on the website pages. Also, we developed an original view type “Folder Full View” to customize the Blog section.

Second Project Outline

Quintagroup migrated website from Plone 4 to Plone 5, updated functionality, and implemented a new design provided by the client. Site features included a responsive view, as well as testimonials, blog and podcast customizations.

Successful outcome

Due to Quintagroup's persistent and efficient work, Arkus was provided with the successful solution for their website Both sides this collaboration were satisfied with the performed result.

"Wonderful Plone developers. Fast, efficient and very knowledgeable."

August 12, 2013

Jason Atwood


"Quintagroup is always on point, highly skilled, and highly recommended.

The best developers and Plone experts out there. Truly a pleasure to work with."

June 11, 2018

Katharine Atwood

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