Material UI vs Tailwind – UI frameworks with Vue and React

Material UI and Tailwing help designers provide a fantastic user experience. A new product development can be quite thrilling, but challenging. No worries, Quintagroup team can ensure the best UI with the most top-notch frameworks.

Among the most popular JavaScript UI frameworks that are React and Vue. They must be considered while selecting one for your future application.

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Front-end coding, which manages the visual appearance of UI, is necessary for designing dynamic websites. JavaScript's tools are essential for front-end programming in order to control the visual appearance of the web pages. React is one of the most well-liked front-end JavaScript development tools.

A JavaScript library called React or ReactJS is freely available and open-source. The UI elements that create a website's graphic elements are found in the JavaScript library.

React is a framework that developers use to build native mobile apps and single-page websites. The state management of the website is impacted by React code. 


Due to its simplicity of usage and learning curve, Vue.js is the JavaScript framework of preference for numerous front-end developers. The Vue framework components simplify the process from an idea to a viable user interface.

You can utilize these libraries to gain access to all the relevant UI elements for building stunning, content-rich applications rather than scripting and customizing menus, panels, and structures.

Material UI vs Tailwind

Why Material UI?

Material UI that helps React create quickly. Its primary features include:

  • Pre-built React components and a built-in Material Theme by default, well-spread in Google products. It offers us the choice between a basic or customized theme.
  • Various icons to consider when creating websites or web applications. This is a JSX in style library, therefore we don't need to build separate styling components.
  • Simple folder structure. Breakpoints are another feature provided by Material UI that is highly useful for making websites and web apps responsive.

Talking about cons, it is important to mention:

  • Material UI is a third party library, requiring installing before utilizing. Which also implies it will give our project significant load. This encourages technical glitches.
  • Leaving HTML in order to style is needed, because the styling is specified outside the component function, 

Reasons to Choose Tailwind 

Tailwind CSS is a product CSS framework that makes it simple to add a fantastic appearance to your Vue.js web application by selecting from the framework's pre-made CSS elements. Among it features are:

    • Various preconfigured classes with Tailwind CSS, usually referred to as utilities, are focused on a specific CSS attribute, such as border-color, and similar.
    • The mobile-friendly concept means that the style we create will by default be applicable to smaller touchscreens.
    • No need to use JSX scripts for style because Tailwind is a JSX-based framework.
    • Not necessary to leave the HTML, thus the script is simpler. We can define these utility classes from inside our HTML tags.
    • Without coding HTML/CSS functionalities, we can style our components quickly, and responsive designs are simple to make.
  • Tailwind UI is more flexible than Material UI. Quintagroup team often uses this tool along with Vue.js and React. Want to know why? Let’s get consulted!

Tailwind also has a few drawbacks, which are listed below:

  • As a third-party framework, it will give the project more weight.
  • All the utility classes are defined inside the HTML tags, thus, script readability deteriorates.
  • Some built-in classes take a while to master. Therefore, the documentation is more detailed.

Final points

It can be challenging to select a front-end framework that meets your demands. You must take into account the technical expertise of your team, the project's scale, and the convenience of adding extra features.

Quintagroup can compile a team of front-end developers experience with different frameworks, including Material UI and Tailwind. Contact us to discover the options.

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